Saturday, June 23, 2012

Taking Off the Training Wheels

Do you want to know the best secret about how to teach your kid to ride without training wheels? It is awesome and works so well. Well I will tell you but first you have to hear about how well it worked for us.

A few months ago my son told me he wanted to try riding his bike with out the training wheels. So we tried the way that my Dad taught me. You know with me walking/running along side him holding on, poised to let go as soon as he was going fast enough. Well that failed miserably. I was way to scared that he would fall because I could feel him leaning way over to the side and he was getting frustrated that I would not let go. Lets just say that experiment ended in lots of tears from both of us.

So my Mom tried the same technique to no avail. My husband might have tried too but I can't really remember. When all was said and done we put the training wheels back on and decided we were just not ready for this step yet.

About a month later during the pouring rain we were playing with one of Aiden's friends and I was chatting with the friend's Mom. She told me that her kids learned to ride without the training wheels by taking the training wheels off BUT ALSO TAKING THE PEDALS OFF!! Just make sure feet can touch the ground so they can use them to push the bike. Who knew (maybe you did but our family definitely did not).

So a few days ago it finially showed some signs of summer here and my husband took the pedals and training wheels off. This was in the evening right before bed and so my son practiced inside (I know what were we doing with that). Over the next two days he probably practiced a total of 15 minutes.

Yesterday he came to me and said I can balance now put the pedals back on. Lets just say I was sceptical that he was really going to be ready after this little time but we did it. Outside he went with my husband and pedals but no training wheels. Guess what...he could ride the bike! No falling and no false starts! OH MY GOSH!! SO EXCITED!

For my daughter (who is two) we are not even going to start her with training wheels, straight from trike to bike (no pedals or training wheels). Just make sure her feet can fully touch the floor.
One summer bucket list item down 69 to go!

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