Fun Out and About

Outings are such a great way to spend time with your kids. There is so much to learn when there are new and different things around you. As our family tries out new outings in the area I am going to do posts about them to help people decide if they are worth the time and money. I had lived near Portland, Oregon when I was growing up so I knew of a few things to do in the area but I always am looking for fun kid oriented events in the area. I hope that this list will eventually be able to provide that to other families.

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All Year Long:

OMSI-Oregon Museum of Science and Industry


Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge 


Illuminata Regatta


Tulip Fest: Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm 


Tulip Fest: Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm 


Iris Field


Iris Field

Rose Festival

Strawberry Picking