Monday, October 22, 2012

And Suddenly She's Three!

My little girl was born 3 years ago. The time has gone so fast and it is so amazing to take a step back and look at her. All of a sudden I realize that she is a little girl not a toddler. I can start to see what she will look like in the years to come. These three years have gone so fast. Even faster it seems, than the first three of my son's life.

Maybe that is because my time is split between two children instead of one. It might have to do with my best friend getting diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer during the first week of my daughters life. Or with spending the month leading up to my daughter first birthday in the hospital most of the time with that same friend. Or spending the actual first birthday of this beautiful happy daughter of mine, in the hospital, while my friend left this world. It might be in part because the last two years have been amazingly painful grieving that friend.

It might also be because this little girl gives so much joy to my life that the time goes by quickly because I am contently enjoying her "reading" a book, playing games, and singing and dancing.

Whatever the reason these three years have gone by faster than I want them to. I wish I could slow the time down and relish in her cute phrasing, tenaciousness, and goofy playing. I love seeing her grow up, seeing her try and learn new things. I also want these stages to last just a bit longer they are so precious.

I love seeing her grow up and I am amazed every day by her.

As she turned three we planned a party for her. The theme was birds. We took to pinterest to find ideas for the party, she looked with me at the ideas I came up with and narrowed the playing field. She was especially sure about the cake.

Here is was we ended up with: