Thursday, June 7, 2012

Iris Field Outing

Back in April we visited the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm to get our flower fix. Now that tulip season has faded and summer has begun we thought a visit to the Schreiner Iris field near Salem, Oregon was in order. There are big beautiful Iris but also a couple of great display gardens that show the iris mixed with other varieties of plants to give you an idea of what you can do with your garden.

The garden is equipped with picnic tables and plenty of colorful benches through out the display gardens, perfect for sitting for a snack or a short rest. 

The kids had fun looking for bird houses, bees, lady bugs, and seeing the colors. They also enjoyed being spun around and around by my mom. I had fun pointing out that the little fuzzy thing on the inside of the Iris looks like a fuzzy caterpillar. I also enjoyed giving my kids a quick lesson with my camera, more on that to come eventually.

This was a fun place to take photos of the kids when they would cooperate which for some reason on the trip was not too often.

The next field we plan to visit is the strawberry field! I can hardly wait!

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