Fun crafts to do with your kids are a great way to spend a morning or afternoon. Crafts have an amazing amount of developmental benefit including increasing fine motor skills, creating discussions which depends interpersonal relationships, vocabulary, understanding of sentence structure and the flow of a conversation, such a great deal is to be gained from the craft experience. You can keep it simple just doing a craft or find a way to relate it to another part of the day maybe by tying it in with the books that you are reading that day, or finding similar things in the house or outside. Learning about science, art, and culture are easily done with crafts and help children to get a hands on experience that they can keep making connections with when they see their craft later.

I hope that you have fun trying out some of these crafts.

Cherry Blossoms

Egg Carton Flowers

Earth Day Craft

Easter Eggs: Make Your Own Dye 

Marbled Paper

Rainbow Craft: St. Patrick's Day

Valentine's Day: Hand and Foot Print Cards 

Felt Hand Turkey

Playdough and Pasta Turkey

Planet Prints 

Easy Clay Bowls: A Good DIY Christmas Gift or Teacher Gift