Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Challenges

Around the blogosphere summer challenges are sprouting up as quickly as the dandelions in my yard. However, the challenges are much more welcome. I love that they provide us with something to aspire to over the summer so that we don't get sucked into the feeling that there is so much time now we will manage to get it all done.

We are getting involved in a summer reading challenge, not just the one through our local library, although we are doing that as well. There is a really fun site that is all about kids books. The blogger is providing a list of summer reading challenges and we are going to try and keep up. We do a lot of reading in our family already but I am hoping will bring a new spice to our summer reading. You can check out this challenge over at the link: http://delightfulchildrensbooks.com/2012/05/24/summer-reading-challenge/

There is also the 30 day Mom challenge which is a list of things that should help make people connect with their kids and find joy in each moment a little more.
There is a summer bucket list challenge where they provide resources and you can follow along with their bucket list or create your own. I am going to do this one but need to have a few days to put together my bucket list ;) I will post it here when I am done for all to see and then I will update it when we have completed something of the list.

Last but not least the challenge that we are doing in our family is a rainbow of foods challenge. Technically this will probably be included in our bucket list. :) We are creating a place-mat that has a rainbow on it and laminating it. Each day when the kids eat their meals and snacks they get to find the colors and use dry erase markers to color part of the rainbow. At the end of the day we will see how much of the rainbow they have filled in and they can get a sticker if they have at least 5 colors (this is going to challenge me to make sure to provide enough variety in color). I think we will do a small reward at the end of the week if we have at least 5 stickers. Like maybe a special outing or movie night with treats like dark chocolate and popcorn or something. Feel free to print out this rainbow and follow along with us.
Feel Free to Print Me

What is on your bucket list for the summer? What big plans do you have? Are you doing any challenges?

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