Thursday, May 24, 2012

Music Friday: Dance for the Sun


I recently heard a song off of this album called Let's Go to Work that is sung from the point of view of a child who wants to go to work with their parent. It is a really neat song with a nice calming but upbeat female voice and deep beats from a male voice. I didn't realize until I went searching around for more from the person who wrote it that it was a cd created for doing yoga with children. The neat thing about this album is that it has each set of songs twice, once on their own and a second time with the women talking to a class of kids telling them how to do the yoga.

That part of it would be much neater if it were a video instruction but I still think it is neat if you are a parent who already does some yoga and can help by showing the child while listening to the music.

I personally love yoga but have not been very good about doing it since I had children. While I was in school working on getting my Doctorate in Psychology I was doing yoga about two times a week and I noticed that even with only that much I felt so much better, my arms were very toned, my felt better emotionally after doing the yoga, and slept better at night. Now I still do sun salutations but the rest kind of gets left by the wayside without a formal class. I do notice that it helps me a great deal when I run to stop and do a set of sun salutations if I am out of breath. It makes me focus on my breath and regulate it.

Yoga is not just beneficial for adults but for children and teens also, both of my kids know the sun salutation routine at least in part but this cd is a good reminder that we should start adding this into our daily routine. Now I have a great way to add some child friendly fun to it!

Do you do yoga or meditation? Do you do yoga with your kids or do you think you will?

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