Monday, May 7, 2012

Curious George Discovery Beach: A Preschooler Game

It has been a while since I have written, I have gotten horribly busy and there just was not room for this for a little while. Sorry for the lapse...

I have been thinking about games again...we have one in our house the both kids started playing at about two years old. Well truthfully my little girl started sitting with us at about a year and tried to play along but just was not able to do it. It is called Curious George Discovery Beach.

This is a great memory game that mixes things up (literally and figuratively) by having you search for objects on the card with in a "sea" of blue. There are tiny objects that hide in the "sea" and when you shake the box they get mixed up again. Little puzzle pieces open to reveal a window into the sea.

This is a great game for learning about taking turns, strengthening memory, matching, learning to look for an object based on the picture, and can help in learning colors. The game does not take very long to play which is good for young kids.


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