Friday, March 9, 2012

Tulip Fest Outing

Every year since my son was born I have attended the Tulip Festival at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. In fact I have been attending since I was a kid! It has changed a lot from what I remember as a kid but it remains a great tradition. 

If you attend on the weekdays you will find that there are much fewer people to contend with (which I love). Attending on the weekend means a sort of carnival feel, with some small rides you can purchase tickets for, pony rides, food and art booths as well. 

The farm has fun slides, tire swings shaped like horses, duck races, and other activities for kids. Just be prepared to play instead of look at the fields! 

I love getting outside with the kids and it is a great perk for me that I get to take photographs of them playing around the tulips. For the younger kids talking about the colors helps them to learn their colors. The older kids can talk about how the flowers grow and their parts. Really though this outing is all about fun.

You can check out additional photographs from the tulip fields at my photography website under the post Tulip Fields.

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