Friday, April 20, 2012

Music Friday: Lullabies From Around the World

During calm time/rest time we like to play music that aides as a que for calming down. Of course we are not perfect and this does not happen all the time but it is so nice when it does. While reading books having calm classical or very quite lullabies playing in the background is a great way to help with calming our bodies.

Or having the music on during the rest itself works as well. One great CD that I was given when my son was very little is the National Geographic Lullabies From Around the World. These are beautiful, calm, songs that are from all over the world.

Getting into a routine is difficult at times it seems as if something comes up that just can't wait so much of the time. It is important though for children to know what to expect of their day. It aides in understanding what will be next so transition is easier, grasping concepts of time is easier with routine, and it helps for planning activities and lends to less stress overall. I will admit that we are really good at this at times and at other times we fail completely and those are the days when I can really use lullabies. :)

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