Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Filling the Easter Basket: No Sugar

So we have made eggs and we are working on the baskets. The problem is candy. I am not opposed to a small treat but I really don't want an entire basket filled with candy for my kids to eat. In general we don't eat sweets very much so this occasional bump in consumption is not a big deal but since everyone else who gives them a basket is bound to put candy in it I want  to try and do the basket sans candy. 

We are also giving baskets to a few other kids/teens and I don't want to give too much candy there either. Especially considering how bad it really is for us (;videoMetaInfo). 

So I have been trying to come up with a list of other ideas that are not too expensive and that will work for a wide range of ages. Here is what I have come up with so far. 
Paper Clip Bookmarks
This cute easy craft would make such a great Easter basket gift, you could use any number of things at the top changing it according to the person you are giving it too. I was thinking a button for a teenage boy.

Homemade stress balls would be a fun easy and colorful addition to the Easter basket that most any kid enjoys. 

3. Gak in Easter plastic eggs, here is a recipe:

4. Books. 



5. Pens/Pencils/Crayons:
I love these little tiny versions of these games on a pen! They are so cute. 


6.  Small games or cards. I like the Story Cubes they are so neat for creative thinking and story telling.
7. Seeds or bulbs. Sunflower seeds are great because they are easy to grow and have huge impact.
8. Gardening gloves/tools. 
9. Make your own little egg garden to give them.