Thursday, February 16, 2012

Music Friday: Hap Palmer

When we go to the library they always have shakers and bells and do songs where there are a lot of pauses in the music. During that time you are supposed to stop moving and shaking your instruments and then start again when the music starts. 

I don't know why but I love this. My kids enjoy it too so I decided to try and find the song they have at the library. It didn't work out too well. That's okay though because I found some other songs that are just as great! The cd is Rhythms on Parade by Hap Palmer.
I buy my songs on iTunes since I have an iPod Touch that I can play them on so I actually only purchased one of the songs off of this album at first but then decided to go back and purchase more of them. These songs are perfect dancing songs. They are a little bit country and a little swing. There is a fun one on the cd that talks about different sounds in our world. You could easily point these sounds out later and make observations about other sounds you hear around you. 

These songs help with learning about opposites (talk with your kids about starting and stopping and how these are opposites), rhythm, music, and if you are dancing with them and playing instruments like bells it can help with large motor development. 

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