Friday, February 24, 2012

Music Friday: Bond, No Not James Bond

While listening to my classical station during our lunch time this week I noticed that I suddenly felt an urge to get up and dance. While I enjoy classical music I do have to say that I am usually calmed by it, many times so much so that I have a difficult time staying awake so feeling the urge to dance made me take notice.

I also noticed that this classical music was far from what we usually think of as classical music. The music was very upbeat, had a dance beat, and electric sound. I am not a stranger to electric violin, viola, cello, or bass however, I had not been expecting to hear electric on this particular station.

I ran over and wrote the song and band name down because I thought, hey perfect for Friday music! Without further delay the band is Bond and the song was Allegretto on the album Shine. You can buy it by clicking on the link below:  

This music is so much fun, perfect for listening to classical when you are not in the mood for calm. Still great for kids and probably will be even better for teens because they will find it really fun too I would bet. It is great to see classical getting a modern makeover even though I do still enjoy the classic version of classical. I think that by giving it this kind of twist younger people are more likely to engage in it and be really interested. 

Take a listen below to clips from the whole album.

I guess that they are fairly well known but I had never heard of them before. Have you heard of them? What is your favorite classical song or musician? 

Happy listening.

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