Friday, March 2, 2012

Music Friday: African Playground

Is it really already this time of the week again? Man this last week has flown by. We had snow yesterday, March 1st by the way, what is that about? Really this is not the time of year that we normally have snow and I am so ready for spring that it really did not make me all that happy. Plus I was just kind of in a funk. But I digress...time to get out of the funk and into some fun very danceable music for kids. 

Today's pick is African Playground which is put out by Putumayo Kids. We have been enjoy this music for many years now after receiving it as a gift from some of my Mom's friends. I had the pleasure of visiting Africa in the fall of 2001 with my college Lewis & Clark College. It was a great experience and I was able to learn some Swahili while I was there. I learned just enough to try and teach my kids some of the basics like hello, the numbers, and a couple of phrases (I actually knew more at one point but don't retain languages very well). There are only a couple of songs on this album in Swahili but it is fun for all of us to sing with them. 

All of the music on the cd is is a lot of fun. It is neat to tell the kids about where each song is from and point it out on the map (my older one more than the younger). 

I think that music is one of the best ways to be introduced to new cultures because it is easy to translate to our life. This cd is a very upbeat, fun, collection of songs that are very easy to move to. I love this cd almost as much as the kids do or maybe even more.


What is your favorite music from another country? 

What is your favorite dance music?

Oh and make sure to check back next week, I have a great Music Friday planned! Hint, you could get it free!

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