Sunday, May 18, 2014

Parenting Book Club: Review of "Wild Things" and a New Book

Last month I suggested the book Wild Things: the art of nurturing boys as the first in a string of parenting books to read and post comments online so that a discussion could occur book club style about said books. I have found this book to be good at offering practical problem solving techniques in ways that will be easy to apply, they are for the most part really really helpful ideas that I can see applying and actually having them work. I remember some of these things begin used with me as a child, like establishing good table talk during dinners by asking questions or telling stories. Having a game night and a movie night to help the family as a whole connect and help boys (or kids in general) feel loved and valued as a part of the family.

I do think at times the authors are stretching a bit on some of these traits being a "boys" trait, but the book is helpful anyway. I really do feel like most if not all of it could apply to by daughter as well. I sometimes wonder how much of gender is constructed and how much is innate. I think from my psychology classes I feel that there is an good argument for nature via nurture. Nature via nurture basically means that we have were created to have certain genetic make ups that could be molded in a different direction based on the things that happen around us. You have to look no further than epigenetics to see evidence for this. 

In any case the book may just be more broadly applicable to both genders rather than just boys and I do think it is worth the time to read. If no other reason than the "putting it into practice" sections are really helpful and easy to do. Beyond that I think that there are things in the developmental phasis that the authors bring up that can be easy to forget when you have a kid who likes to play aggressively and is beginning to really push limits to try and assert their independence. For example, that at this same stage they are also really craving love and the way kids feel loved is not the same for every stage (time versus trust, etc).

Again please feel free to write in the comment section about your favorite and least favorite parts of the book. What did you get out of it? What did you find difficult to swallow? Bring your comments to the fold and help start a discusion. :)

I have already started reading Last Child in the Woods for this month it is really good. I hope you read along and comment! You can get it through this link to Amazon or look for it at your local library. :)

For next month I am going to look for Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion. Again you can just click the link to get it from Amazon there are paperback and kindle versions available. Or check with your local library. :)

I would be happy to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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