Friday, March 30, 2012

Music Friday: Pizza, The Best of Gemini

During the week I like to listen to music on Pandora to discover new music that is similar to other types of music I already know I like. One of the songs that came up a few weeks ago was Pizza by Gemini


This is a really silly and fun song about the joy of pizza. It has a really danceable melody and is totally sing along friendly. To go along with this pizza song I thought I would share a pizza book and cooking project to do with kids. 


I read this book with my son and daughter after having spotted it while browsing the library shelves. I had scanned through it in the library and discovered that there was a recipe at the end for the pizza dough and the kind of pizza in the story. 

My son and daughter enjoy working in the kitchen with me and we have a few kids cookbooks but I love how I was able to read the story and do a project with the kids related to the story. 

We changed the recipe a bit because my son does not like tomatoes and really really wanted to put pepperoni on the pizza (he had just made pizza in preschool a few weeks before and felt that pepperoni was a necessity). I just put all the ingredients out and we each got a section of pizza to create. 

The other change that I made was that I used whole wheat flour and a little extra wet ingredient to make up for that. :)

I served the pizza with a strawberry, pinenut, spinach, and mozzarella salad. 

Verdict: my son declared this was the best pizza he had EVER had. 

My daughter liked it too.

Oh and two weeks ago I had a give away for the Music Friday music and Stephanie was the winner. 

Have a good weekend!

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